Michael Lachner Service Investment

"Here's how I generate your service growth..."

Michael Lachner Service Investment

"Here's how I generate your service growth..."

Range of services

Service vision and strategy

Service Strategie

What service expectations will your customers of tomorrow have of your company?

What skills & competencies will you need to master in the future to differentiate yourself from your competitors?

With a service strategy, we visualize the future picture for your service and thus provide your organization with helpful orientation.

Your Benefits

Together with you...

  • we analyze your service business model
  • we create a service SWOT analysis and
  • we evaluate your service market potential.

Correlating to your vision and business strategy....

…we create a future-proof service strategy that enables you to exceed your customers’ future expectations.

  • we create a service vision and mission from the perspective of your customers
  • we assess the needs of your customers
  • we define goals and key performance indicators

In the context of brand positioning, we define...

 target groups, market segments as well as USP’s and determine marketing measures.

Their customers become enthusiasts,
become fans of your company.

Service transformation

Customers don't buy products - customers buy solutions

Many companies are confronted with continuously increasing challenges. Increasing price pressure and new market competitors as well as rising customer demands are increasing the pressure on the new equipment business. Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate themselves from the competition on the basis of technical arguments, especially in saturated markets or with products that are readily comparable.

The strategic importance of the service business is becoming increasingly essential for companies. Not only do companies generate a significant profit contribution with service sales, but they also create a secure source of income. Compared with the often volatile new equipment business, the industrial service business offers consistent sales with significantly better margins as well as planning security.

Combined product and service offerings enable integration into the value chain and thus intensified customer relationships. Services can be supplemented by new, digital business models and realize significant increases in efficiency and revenue.

Although the importance of the service business and corresponding optimization approaches are often known, many companies are unable to further develop or even exploit their service potential due to the complexity of the business, a lack of resources and a lack of transparency.

Lachner International Service Management offers you the experience of many years to develop these service potentials.

Your Benefits

I support you on your way to becoming a solution provider and realize this transformation project for you. You are in a position to generate extraordinary increases in sales and earnings with an expanded service portfolio

Service Cockpit

The Service-Balanced Scorecard supports the implementation of the strategy.

Vision and strategy are translated into measurable goals and metrics.

Using various perspectives – finance, customers, processes, and learning and development – we operationalize the long-term, strategic goals in particular.

Your Benefits

We create a service-balanced scorecard for your company with strategic and operational goals. Defined measures and their target achievement are ensured with a results cockpit.

Service Business models

Your Benefits

Business models describe a company’s concept of generating revenues and profits through the production and sale of products or services. Using proven strategic tools, such as the “Business Canvas Model” or the “Sankt Gallen Business Development Model”, we develop innovative, sustainable service business models.

The following aspects are examined in depth:

  • Customer segments
  • Value proposition / customer benefits
  • Sales and communication channels
  • Customer relationships
  • Revenue sources
  • Key resources
  • Key activities
  • Key partners
  • Cost structure

Weatherproof your business with these business models.

Service Quick-Check

Your Benefits

On the basis of a service quick check, we put your service to the test and create a compact short analysis.

  • This can include a
    Revenue and profitability analysis,
  • A review of your current service strategy,
  • Assessment of your company’s service mentality,
  • Field service analysis,
  • Review of repair processes and/or
  • evaluation of your complaint management

Specific suggestions for improvement are then developed and implemented together with you.


“Smart services are digital data-based services that collect and analyze data in connection with a digitally networked physical object and make it available to the user in predictive performance optimization.

Service engineering is the systematic development and design of services.
With an intangible product, the customer cannot touch, examine or test the product. In the case of services, the features, functions and quality must convince the customer in a different way. The service development process is of crucial importance here.

Your Benefits

We develop new digital services for you.


Fast, efficient and digital processes form the basis for high customer satisfaction.

We use proven management methods to review your processes, identify weak points and implement customer-oriented, digital service processes together with you.

We support you in the digitization of your business processes.


In order to retain and inspire customers, a company must consistently adapt its service offering to customer requirements. A permanent comparison between the status quo and future services is necessary.

Together with you, we develop an innovative, future-proof service portfolio based on your current service portfolio with the aim of generating inspiring customer experiences.

  • Establishment of active service sales
  • Establishment of a sustainable sales concept
  • Establishment of a successful service marketing

Services with which you inspire your customers today (according to the KANO model) are perceived by customers after a certain time as no longer exceptional, but as quality and performance requirements.

Later, these are even defined only as basic and fundamental requirements.
Service champions must therefore continuously review the service portfolio and permanently generate enthusiasm services.

Your Benefits

We develop new inspiring services for you.

Service-Pricing is the strongest operating leverage

Pricing for service products is often based on the company’s own costs or on competitor prices.

Thanks to digitization, it is now much easier for customers to compare prices for service products such as spare parts online. This transparency will make market- and customer-oriented pricing a key success factor in the future.

Customer-oriented pricing - focused on customer benefits - offers enormous potential for your company.

Your Benefits

  • Maximize your service revenue and earnings
  • Visibility into your potential service revenue and market share
  • Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Improve price image through market-driven pricing
  • Push back against competitors and third party service providers

Your Benefits

We maximize your service revenues and earnings.

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